I am Paulo Siécola

Mobile Developer,Backend Developer,Professor, Writer

Name: Paulo Siécola

Profile: Software developer

Email: siecola@gmail.com

GitHub: github.com/siecola

Medium: @siecola


Android 70%
iOS 50%
AWS 50%
Google App Engine 40%
Azure 40%
About me

Backend and mobile developer. Author of books about cloud computing development. Professor in cloud computing.

I am working as one of the team leaders at WatchGuard Brazil, responsible for part of the architecture of cloud-based security systems and negotiating the team tasks with the product owner. I am also acting as a developer, creating microservices with Java and Spring Boot, using Amazon Web Services.

Professor in the Mobile and Cloud Computing Application Development postgraduate course at National Institute of Telecommunication.


Cloud computing development.


Google App Engine: Construindo serviços na nuvem

Build and deploy Web application using Java and Spring Boot using Google App Engine and its services.


Web Services REST com ASP .NET Web API e Microsoft Azure

In this book you will learn how to build and deploy Web application using C# and ASP .NET Web API on Microsoft Azure.


Amazon Web Services

Explore the AWS services and learn how to build and deploy applications using Java and Spring Boot.


Productivity and financial planning.


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Credit Card

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Follow me into the software development world!


The Developers Conference

In this talk, I presented how to build an Android application using Google Cloud Firestore and Android Architecture Components.


The postgraduate course at Inatel

If you want to be a cloud computing and mobile developer, this is the best choice!


Medium blog

Take a look at my Medium posts about cloud computing and mobile app development.